Green Energy

Solar System Packages


  • Powered by Schneider Electric Conext XW Inverter Charger with 4.5kW (continuous) and 7.0kW (30 minutes) rating
  • Pre-assembled and pre-configured cabinet incorporating Schneider Electric inverter charger, batteries, circuit and surge protection
  • Tough, corrosion resistant, powder coated steel enclosure with lockable doors, natural cooling & with temperature activated fan backup
  • Suited for either indoor or outdoor installation*
  • Remote connectivity & generator support packs available as optional extras


Inverter/Charger Schneider Electric XW4548-230-50
Continuous Power Backup 4500 watts, 230 VAC (tolerance +/-3%)
Network Number of Phases Single
Type of Signal True Sine Wave
Output Current 19.6 A
Network Frequency 50 +/- 0.1 Hz (output)
Harmonic Distortion < 5 % at rated power
AC Input Voltage 230 VAC
DC Input Current 96 A (at rated power)
DC Charging Current 85 A
Efficiency 95.6% (peak)
Power Consumption < 7 W (search mode)
Battery Type Sealed Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA)
Battery Nominal Voltage 12 VDC
Battery Number 4 (batteries wired in series)
Battery Nominal Capacity 250 Ah @ C10 (10 hour rate @ 25°C)
Battery System Nominal Working DC voltage 48 VDC
Battery Storage Capacity 12 kWh
Lifespan @ 50% DoD** 1000 cycles
Available Energy @ 50% DoD** 5 kWh
Warranty - Cabinets, Electrical Equipment & Batteries*** 1 year
Warranty - Conext Inverter/Charger 5 years

*Outdoor applications to be placed out of direct weather and out of direct sunlight, sheltered undercover positions only. **Lifespan of batteries & available energy figures are estimates only based on 10 hour discharge rates @ 25 degrees celcius. Schneider Electric is a registered trademark and owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its afflicted companies. Solapowa is a registered trademark of OZRoll Pty Ltd. ***Excluding fuses and surge arrestors.

Solapowa™ is proud to introduce an exciting new energy storage facility to store household electricity. The Powasave™ unit allows electricity produced by your Solar system to be stored and used in your home rather than wasting it by sending it back to the grid.

A solar system which works day & night

The self consumption model is powered by a technically advanced high efficiency Schneider Electric hybrid inverter charger. Schneider Electric are global specialists in energy management and manufacture some of the highest premium products in the world Powasave™ incorporates state of the art sealed hiGh efficiencY maintenance free batteries which store excess electricity produced by solar panels mounted on the roof. The Powasave™storage unit can be retrofitted to an existing solar photovoltaic array or alternatively can be installed with new solar panels to provide a complete one stop energy solution.

Electricity produced during the day is used by the home with ‘excess’ electricity channelled into the battery storage unit which is then stored for later use when the sun is not shining.

Instead of sending electricity generated by your solar panels during the day back to the electricity grid for ‘next to nothing’ and paying high prices for the same electricity when required, later at night, the stored electricity in the batteries, is automatically made available and ready to use by your home.

Powasave™ can allow you to monitor energy production & storage through a Schneider Electric communication interface, Conext ComBox, a web enabled visualisation interface. (see below)

Conext ComBox allows you to remotely monitor system yield performance using devices such as personal computers, tablet devices, or even building management systems.

Conext ComBox collects data and provides graphical displays of historical and solar system harvest which are easily reviewed using a web browser or Android tablet device. The Android tablet app is available for free download from the Android Market.

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